Dickie Felton

Author: Working on new book: "From Millionaires to Mariners - a non-league love story"

ISBN-10:  0956215718  ISBN-13:  978-0956215710

Come fly with Morrissey...

Morrissey has a fanbase that follows him to the ends of the earth. Disciples cross continents, time zones and borders to reach his concerts. For the most dedicated fan there's never a gig too far. But who are these people? And what motivates them to travel thousands of miles to watch this 52-year-old singer?

When Morrissey embarked on a tour of far off places, fan Dickie Felton decided to follow. But his attention was not solely on the legendary singer but on his most passionate fans. Meet the most obsessive fans in music who worship at the house of Moz. Why has Margaret from Fresno travelled 5,000 miles for a handshake? And how does Manchester teen, Curtis, manage 27 concerts in barely a year?

Morrissey International Airport is an account of what it means to be on the road with the last great pop star and his people. Set against a backdrop of recession, royal weddings and rioting, this is a story of fandom, friendship, ferries and freeways.

This is an unlikely road trip bound together by ten concerts in five countries. Join Dickie as he trails everywhere from Dunoon to Dallas in search of Moz mania. Grab your gladioli, quiff up your hair and come fly with Morrissey.  

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Morrissey International Airport

Morrissey International Airport

An account of what it means to be on the road with the last great pop star and his people.

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