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The book MORRISSEY described as being "Very Attractive"

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They look like him, they speak like him. They worship the very ground he walks on. And when obsessive fan actually meets Morrissey, worlds turn upside down. The Day I Met Morrissey contains real-life accounts from fans who for a split second found themselves in the right place at the right time.

There's a chance encounter at Wilmslow train station in 1985 when a tongue-tied teen fulfils her dream. More dramatic Morrissey meetings come in perfumeries, airport lounges and by the Pic'n'mix at Woolworths.

Read some 'Meeting Morrissey' stories from the book

Reader's Comments:

Lauren Murphy, Dublin, Ireland: I bought your book and it was stolen from my bag before I'd even had a chance to read it. So somewhere in Dublin, a thieving cloakroom attendant is (hopefully) enjoying your book. Yes, stolen... and I'd only been leafing through it with a friend earlier that evening, looking forward to getting stuck in to it. I hope whoever took it is a Moz fan, at least." 

Jo Hopkins, Grimsby: Thank you so much for sending the book so quickly and for signing it! I've not been able to put it down! The pictures and stories are fab. Sadly I have never met Morrissey but I've had a couple of "near misses". I am going to see Morrissey in Grimsby and met loads of local fans whilst waiting in the queue for tickets. I will let them know about your book so you might receive more orders from here. Morrissey did a gig here in 2006 also which was amazing so I'm already very excited despite this being about the 30th time I've seen him live. I'm also braving a long trip to Hop Farm which will be my first time seeing Morrissey at a festival (not a massive fan of camping!). I hope you enjoy the live dates you're attending and that you continue to meet Morrissey and maybe write another book. I wish I'd bought yours sooner! 

Sean flanagan, Solihull, England: "I'd just like to say how much I enjoyed your book, Like you I am a Morrissey obsessive and have been for many years. I was overjoyed at how well presented the book was and how really interesting all the stories are." 

Chris Lareau, Memphis, USA: "I'm about halfway through the book - very well done. Great memories and great photos. I am sure the Mozzer approves. I even put Bona Drag back in my car to listen to Suedehead and determine if it may indeed also be my favorite song - but alas, I think Sing Your Life still occupies top spot for me." 

David Ward, Hampshire: "The book itself is excellent; really great layout, riveting stories and super photos. I read quite a bit of it on Saturday afternoon before going off to see my home team (Southampton) give a good account of themselves and just lose out to Man Utd in the 4th round of the FA Cup. If I were Morrissey I would be deeply touched that such a wonderful book had been written about me. 

Angela Harrison, Eccles, Manchester, England: The book's for a relative of mine, a great Morrissey fan who turns 60 at the end of the month; she'll absolutely love your book.

Thomas Davies: "I didn't realise I was purchasing it from the author. Great book and really fascinating. I love Mozzer and have stuck by him for years now and I am not without my criticisms of him - nice thing about your book is that it really seems that Moz is a warm and generous spirited chap towards many of his fans. 

Christopher Sawyer: "Oh, that book is so good. I love it very much. Worth every penny. I hope you sell a million of it. Get that thing back on Amazon. The pictures and stories are priceless." 

Monica Boyd, San Diego, USA: "Hello, I just wanted to let you know I received the book and I really love it - thank you!"

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Morrissey International Airport

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The Day I Met Morrissey

The Day I Met Morrissey

A collection of real-life accounts from fans who for a split second found themselves in the right place at the right time